Sweaters and Cider
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what a better way to start off the upcoming fall season than having a BOTM! i’m so grateful to all my followers and i cannot believe how quick i’m gaining so in return i’m going to pick a blog of the month for the month of september which i’ll help gain followers!
you must be following me
reblog this post by september 3rd, likes will not be counted, only for bookmarking!
you must have an autumn/fall/halloween blog to win. you can still enter if you don’t have a fall blog but i will be choosing a blog that relates to my blog type and followers blog type so it’s easier for my BOTM to gain! 
a link on my blog for the whole month of september
a link forever on my past BOTM’s page
promo’s throughout the month to help you gain followers (i can also promo you whenever you ask!)
a new friend yayyyyyyy
i will be choosing on september 3rd
i will look at everyone’s blog so everyone has an equal chance
follower count does not matter whatsoever
if you have any questions don’t be afraid to msg me!


This map shows the best time of year to see colorful foliage across the US.
(from time-for-maps)

Early November..): 
☁♥It’s autumn year-round♥☁

'Mt. Fuji and Autumn Leaves #3' by nipomen2




that tree isn’t high enough stupid!

He’s so sleepy he doesn’t even care. <3

me as a bat

I’m in love with this bat